Ever wonder what would be worse.  Hitting a big pothole, or hitting a tree. Now you can do both.

 Don't think an orange cone is a good enough indicator that there's a pothole in the road. People in Port Arthur have decided to plant a tree in the pothole.

KFDM is reporting that residents have planted trees in the potholes in the road to send a message to city hall. Someone has noticed, since the trees have been taken down.

It's not really an issue, unless you're getting a tax bill from the city, then yes, you better get my damn road fixed.

Of course, poor roads is a standard indicator of a third world country. I went over to East Germany a few months after the wall came down. I thought I knew what horrible roads were, growing up in North Dakota, but had no idea how bad things could really get. But, looking at this news story, I think the folks in Port Arthur really do have a legit complaint.

They're not the first to come up with the idea. I hit YouTube and found others that plant things in potholes. Here's an example from Mississippi. Do we really want anything in common with Mississippi? I think not. Fix the damn roads.

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