Caving to pressure from Rick & Morty fans, McDonald's is releasing "very, very limited" quantities of that Mulan McNugget sauce. But because we live in a cruel, unfair universe, you can only get it in select cities on Saturday, October 7.

Only a few cities in Texas will have the legendary sauce that fans of Cartoon Network's 'Rick & Morty' have been demanding since Rick Sanchez's rant about it in the season 3 premiere.

We took a look at the list, and the best bet for Central Texans will be at these two Austin locations:

5355 N Interregional, 78723
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4501 E. Ben White Blvd, 78741
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And just because he wants to be a bigger jerk than Rick, Ronald McDonald is allowing the few McDonald's that will have the sauce to only hand out a few.

You can search "TX" on this page to bring up the Texas cities that will have the sauce. Not all the restaurants listed will have it, so look out for the label "Szechuan available".

Good luck! And if you get your hands on some, share with your friends at US105, ok?