When I was in the 7th grade, Santa brought me a Casio mini keyboard. I loved that little thing, especially the pre-programmed songs. Remember these? If you are old like me, I know you had one too! It was the 80's...we all had one!

Momma Ballou sold it in a garage sale and I never really gave it a second thought. I guess I hoped it found a nice, happy new home with a family that would give it the attention it needed...but little did I know my beloved Casio was living high on the hog over at Keith Urban's house.

Here is Keith's new single, "Little Bit of Everything"...featuring my long last Casio!

I am not a fan of this new song lyrically or from a "country" sound standpoint because it is way too "poppy" for my taste, but I can see why Keith fans will like it. It is light and frivolous...just in time for summer.

I give it two out of four Rita Bathtubs.