Weather in Texas is sometimes rather unpredictable.

We've all expected a sunny day in the Lone Star State, only to be met with clouds or perhaps even more rain than we'd want. It does sometimes put a damper on our plans to say the least. But there's other times when the weather immediately changes, without any warning.

When that happens, Texans have to scramble to avoid the rain that just seemingly appears out of nowhere. Nobody likes getting wet their not dressed for the occasion. But recently it occurred in the Lone Star State, and many were unprepared for the moment, to say the least.

Videos have surfaced of Texans simply trying to...avoid the severe weather at RodeoHouston.

The Clouds Open Up At RodeoHouston, Texans Run For Cover

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So remember the rain randomly popping up in the Lone Star State we discussed earlier? It did indeed happen recently in Houston. So how bad was it?

So much so that videos start appearing on social media showing individuals doing their best to avoid the wet weather all together.

Yes, that is definitely hail you're seeing at the event, and even standing water around the grounds. Which is just...inconvenient to say the least isn't it? It certainly wasn't easy for people eating either.

Just imagine eating and then all of a sudden hail starts hitting you. That wouldn't be fun at all. ABC13 Houston was out at the event as well, and had live video of the moment:

They tell you to prepare for the weather in Texas, but it is certainly hard to when it's unpredictable!

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