Joey + Rory singer Rory Feek took some time on Friday (Feb. 5) to wish a Happy Birthday to the duo's manager, Aaraon Carnahan, and reflect on the crazy circumstances that brought them all together.

Feek and Carnahan are cousins, and in a new post to his blog, This Life I Live, he reflects on how close they were growing up, and the amazing parallels between their lives.

"Some things are meant to be. They’re bigger than us. Bigger than coincidence," Rory writes.

"And the only way you can explain them is…


Carnahan was even there the first time Rory visited the Ryman, where he and his wife would go on to play the Grand Ole Opry with Carnahan in the wings. They married and divorced around the same time, and Carnahan's conversion to Christianity helped lead Feek to his faith. When Carnahan met his second wife, it was the example Feek needed to seek out lasting love of his own — which he found when a young aspiring singer named Joey came and saw him at the Bluebird one night.

It was also Carnahan who first predicted that the couple would sing together, which they had never imagined. He left the ministry to become their manager in 2012, and over the years has played multiple roles in their lives and career.

"Though he is technically our manager, he doesn’t really manage us or our career. Not really," Rory writes.

"He just loves us ... Aaron has babysat, mowed our lawn, painted barns, fixed broken sewer lines, grocery shopped, killed skunks, weeded our garden, cleaned our house, and a million other big and small things that have nothing to do with his job — all to help make our dreams come true and our lives better."

Carnahan's wife also had cancer, and when he got the phone call that doctors thought Joey had a tumor on her cervix, he burst into tears. Rory says Carnahan has taken what's happening with Joey — who is in hospice care after discontinuing her treatments when doctors said there was no more they could do — harder than almost anyone.

"And now, here we are in 2016 and Aaron’s still managing… us… our music… and where life has led us. But mostly I think he’s just doing his best to manage the pain he feels. He wants so desperately to fix this for us, but he knows he can’t," he writes.

"We are here because God wants us here. Aaron knows that. We all do ... I think he’s cried more tears over what is happening right now than all of us put together."

Feek ends his touching tribute to their lifelong bond with a birthday wish for Carnahan, who turns 48 on Friday. "Aaron, Joey and I want tell you that we love you more than these, or any other words can say."

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