Rory Feek is moving on with his life after the tragic death of his wife, Joey ... with a little help from his friends.

The singer-songwriter was one-half of Joey + Rory until Joey passed away in March after battling cancer for most of the last two years. He shared her courageous and inspirational battle with the disease via regular updates to social media and his blog, This Life I Live, and in a new blog entry, he shares that he's finding healing through fellowship with a circle of friends that he meets once a week for coffee.

"A bunch of us guys take over the porch of their little farmhouse and drink coffee and do man stuff — whatever that is.  Mostly talk and share stories and laugh," Rory writes.

"It feels good to laugh."

The gatherings are completely informal and relaxed, he adds, bringing together doctors, musicians who travel the world, and two friends who own a local coffee shop. "There’s no agenda.  No plan to get to the bottom of anything… except our coffee cups."

All of the men are from different faiths, "but they all share something in common… they all love God. And they love their wives and want to be better fathers and men."

Rory says he's found not only healing, but insight into what might come next for him in these seemingly casual meetings.

"This is where lives change. Where something is said and a path changes," he observes. "In my life, it’s never been the big events that change everything… it’s always been the small ones. The ones that you don’t think matter. But they do.

"And so I will celebrate and capture the big stories and the small ones in my life. Because they are all part of a much larger story that someone else is telling. A story about healing a heart that is broken. Too broken to talk about, so we don’t.  We just drink coffee. And we laugh.

"And maybe that really is after all…

The best medicine."

Rory announced in January that he did not plan to continue performing in public after Joey passed away. The duo released their final album, Hymns That Are Important to Us, in February. Rory had a successful songwriting career before he and Joey met, but most recently he's turned his attention to writing, with plans to write a book. He also wrote and directed a new movie, Josephine, that is premiering at the Nashville Film Festival on Thursday night (April 14).

In the meantime, he is settling into life as a single father to his and Joey's 2-year-old daughter, Indiana, who has Down syndrome and recently started pre-school.

What's Next For Rory and Indy? 

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