The hearts of country music fans broke with the passing of Joey Feek, one half of musical duo Joey + Rory, in March of 2016 to cervical cancer. But now they have the chance to relive the heartwarming story of the Feeks in a DVD version of To Joey, With Love.

Rory Feek's documentary will be released in a take-home version on Dec. 20. As the true story of "life, love and hope that never dies," the film follows the lives of the music duo as they adopt a simpler lifestyle as they prepare for the birth of their daughter Indiana, who has Down syndrome, and Joey's courageous battle with cancer.

In addition to the touching love story, the DVD also includes a previously unreleased track from the husband and wife musicians called "In the Time That You Gave Me," along with video clips and a family slideshow created by Rory, "I Am Not a Mistake" and "Not to Die, But to Live."

Rory chronicled the beautiful journey with his wife on his blog, This Life I Live, throughout her battle with cancer, and he continues to record thoughts while raising the couple's young daughter.

The emotional documentary grossed $1.7 million while playing in select theaters in October of 2016.

To Joey, With Love isn't the only way Rory is continuing to honor his late wife. He'll release a new book titled This Life I Live: One Man's Extraordinary, Ordinary Life and the Woman Who Changed It Foreveron Feb. 14. He also made his debut at the Nashville Film Festival in April with the release of Josephine, a Civil War film he co-wrote and directed, winning the Tennessee First Feature award.

To Joey, With Love will also be available Dec. 9 on iTunes, and On Demand on Dec. 20.

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