Ruben Ramos, also known as 'El Gato Negro' to his fans, will headline the 2013 Bloomin' Temple Friday night entertainment on May 10th in downtown Temple.

The Grammy award winning Tejano performer now is firmly entrenched at the helm of a musical family legacy born almost 100 years ago when his uncles began performing just after World War I. This legacy is set with traditional Mexican roots infused with the big-band sound of the 1940s, heavily influenced by blues and rock, and is now one of the most successful bands of La Onda Tejano. Ruben didn't follow the trend of other Tejano bands with using synthesizers and keyboards and still plays with a live horn section.

"I'm a horns man" explains Ruben. "There ain't nothing like a wall of sound, real sound, coming at you".

This characterizes the sound of El Gato: true horns, real drums with crashing cymbals, accordion so real you can hear the clicks of the buttons - all delivered by the master musicians of the Texas Revolution.

Ruben's performances are also punctuated by sheer presentation. The Tejano uniform of jeans and starched shirts is cool, but it ain't El Gato's style.

"Ruben Ramos looks more like a senator than a musician" wrote one reporter.

Ruben humbly states that people work hard all week, then they spend their hard-earned money to go hear a great concert.

"If they can spend their money to hear me, then I can dress for them. I owe Tejano fans that respect." says Ruben.

The cool and smooth sound of one of the hottest horn sections in Texas, the selection of songs, combined with Ruben's distinct and sincere voice, insures that Ruben Ramos and the Mexican Revolution will be making music for fans for years to come and packing the events everywhere he goes.

The Tejano Music Awards Hall of Famer has released over 30 albums and sold-out concerts across Latin and North America.