Rumors are once again swirling around Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Could they be splitting up for real this time? Is divorce imminent? The truth is we don't know, but we do know that they are selling a home in Franklin Tennessee that they've owned for several years. To be specific it's actually 6 homes on one piece of property that is over 750 acres! Cozy! How much is this property and are there pictures? Find out, and see the video.

This humble little piece of property is only selling for $20,000,000. Yes that's MILLION! 6 homes are included, 4 of which are livable and barns, ponds, trees, and goodness it's beautiful! Who's going to help me purchase this place? Check it out in the official realtors video below. Divorce? Probably not. They just finished building a custom home in Nashville that took 5 years to build. It is their primary residence. They own several other homes around Nashville, and an island with home in the Bahamas as well. See how the other half lives? Nice.