Over a good-time groove, Ryan Hurd rhapsodizes about sharing life's pleasures with others — be it a smile, a bottle or a joint or two— on his latest single, "Pass It On."

On the surface, "Pass It On" might sound like a lot of other feel-good, boat-party-ready country songs with lines like, "So if you got nine, then I reckon eight's fine, so share it while the beer's still cold." However, Hurd's brand of positivity sneaks in plenty of wisdom with its sunshine. This isn't a surprise, given that Hurd co-wrote the track with hit songwriters Maren Morris (his wife), Jordan Schmidt and Michael Hardy (Hardy).

With the chorus, Hurd makes it clear that it's more than beers that should be shared:

"Pass it on / Pass it on / Pass it on to someone else / What good is your dollar or your love or your bottle / If you keep it all to yourself / There's enough to go around / So send it on down / 'Cause you can't take it with you when you're gone."

The chorus also marks a delightful entrance by Morris. While "Pass It On" is not a duet like the couple's hit, "Chasing After You," Morris' warm vocals are an irresistible presence even when they appear in a more subtle way.

Fans of Hurd first heard the single as the opening track of his debut album, Pelago. Much like the album, "Pass It On" confirms that while Hurd may be one of country music's newer faces, he is set to become a permanent one.

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