What makes you sad? Want to know what makes me sad? It didn't used to be on the list because there was no way I could ever imagine it being a possibility. The thought of one person, let alone people, living in Texas while simultaneously being sad really is a gut punch.

One thing you definitely do not want to do is tell someone not to be sad just because they live in Texas. However, finding ways to remind people to count their blessings is never a bad thing.

What defines sadness?

According to this article with EveryDayHealth, sadness is,

"an emotional state of unhappiness."

Sadness is not depression. Sadness is a mostly involuntary response to circumstances happening in your life. Sure, you can be sad for what feels like a very long time. Time, like life, is relative to everyone differently.

The length of time someone is sad over life's experiences will never be the same from one person to another. Some people just get over things faster than others. Some people do not require any time because they appear to simply not form an emotional attachment the way many of us do.

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So, what Texas city has been named the saddest in America?

According to a study by the University of Vermont based on Twitter data of all things, and explained in this article at Texas Monthly, the saddest city in America is Beaumont, Texas. How did Twitter influence their decision? Basically tweets from Beaumont were filled with tons of profanity, and not enough happy words.

Know what Texas thinks of their conclusion? Eff That!

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