Saint the miniature Schnauzer mix came to visit  from the Temple Animal Shelter this week. Yep Saint, don't worry you can change his name once you adopt him.

Saint is about a year old, he is neutered and probably housebroken.  Saint is only 11 pounds full grown and he is looking for a home.  Officer Hetzel said Saint is shy and you have to be gentle and get to know him, but once you do that he is very friendly and loves attention.


The Belly Rub is NICE!/Photo By Julia Conner


You can stop by and  see Saint at the Temple Animal Shelter, 620 Mama Dog Circle, (the corner of Avenue H and 31st street).  They have two play yards, one inside and one outside, so you can get to know your new family member before you take him home, and you can bring your other pets to see how well they will get along.


You can also purchase pet gift certificates from the shelter, in case you are planning on giving a pet for Christmas,  Officer Hetzel says it's best to give a gift card so the new owners can pick out the pet they want. It's all about matching pet and people personalities.  Listen as he explains it.




Stop by your local Animal Shelter this week and pick out your perfect pet!