Richard Wallrath's beloved 'Champion Ranch' in Centerville is up for sale.

Champion Ranch gained international fame after the 2011 film "Deep in the Heart' told the story of Wallrath's life, and how he and his sons became the highest all-time individual donors to Texas 4-H and FFA. Wallrath and his family created countless scholarships for Texas students.

The deal for Champion Ranch includes:

  • 100% of all Oil and Gas well rights (existing and future royalty and income streams).
  • Around 1000 head of purebred cattle.
  • Movie rights to "Deep In The Heart" with a sequel in development.

The sale of the ranch on the international market with the Icon Global Group. Wallrath will celebrate his 88th birthday this year. He came into his fortune with his sons after starting up the Houston business Champion Windows which went on to become a national name brand. Wallrath sold the business for $66 Million dollars before donating $22 Million to help young people in Texas. reports that of the $22 Million dollar donation, $7 Million went to the Houston Live Stock Show, and $3 Million to FFA and 4-H charities. Another $12 Million went to the Wallrath Educational Foundation that has provided $6 Million in scholarships since 2006.

Champion Ranch includes at 78-acre lake, barns, 8 guest houses and a 16 person bunkhouse, 20 additional lakes, streams, stock ponds, a peach orchard, and a 2200 square-foot saloon with 2 bars, a piano, and room for 130 guests.

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