Cat Cafes are becoming more and more popular nation-wide! About a year ago Austin saw it's first Cat Cafe open up, and now it's San Antonio's turn!

Pets have always been a part of my family growing up. I can't imagine what our Siamese cat "Minky" would have thought of a cat cafe. When my family moved several years after that cat joined our family, she would get out of the house and end up running back to the old neighborhood and waiting outside the door of the old house as if she still lived there. Ha!

If your a cat lover a cat cafe is the puuurrrfect place to de-stress! You can head in, cuddle with the cats, and even adopt one of them. The pet adoption process is similar to most animal shelters, but it's the atmosphere that impresses most visitors.

If your gonna spend time in San Antonio this summer the newest Cat Cafe is going to open at 8818 Broadway. According to the San Antonio Cat Cafe will open in the next month or two. Cafe owner Casey Steuart started a Go Fund Me. They have raised $18,000 of the $20,000 goal for the San Antonio location!

The cafe will encourage multiple visits before the pet adoption can be finalized to endure pets and new owners will be a great match! Happy cuddling!

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