All of us experience the annoyance of rush of traffic at one point in our lives. We also have a few choice words for those who try to get ahead of everyone else, or who loudly honk when things aren't moving as quickly as we would have hoped.

But hopefully, none of us ever get to the point that one San Antonio woman reached. The reasoning for this woman's actions reveal to us that would should be patient sometimes.

What Happened?

According to CBS Austin, 32 year old Susan Rodriguez was not following the flow of traffic at IDEA Charter School. After trying to disrupt the flow of the traffic, an officer tried to get her back in line, Rodriguez chose to ignore the request, and resorted to an action that many wouldn't expect.

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According to the arrest affidavit, she said to the officer "I don't have time for this. I'm late for work." Then Rodriguez proceeded to run over the officer and try to move ahead. The officer, who was thankfully unharmed, was able to arrest Rodriguez after her actions.

There is also a mention in the report that Rodriguez was aware of her actions, hearing the sound of hitting the officer, with there also being body cam footage of the incident in question.

Rodriguez now must deal with a Aggravated Assault Against a Public Service charge instead of simply going to work.

The Lesson Learned

Wherever you may be going, always remember there are going to be others that will possibly be going to the same area as you. Remember to try to get there early, and most importantly, have patience!

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