We all have seen some strange things while behind the wheel in the Lone Star state. You've probably seen something while on the highways that has caused some choice words to escape your lips. There are many examples too.

You might've seen somebody texted while driving, or somebody cursing out another driver on the side of the road. We've all seen never-ending orange cones in one lane haven't we? But what about one other thing on the roadway we all see most of the time, the vehicles themselves.

There are many different ways a car is presented in the state. Multiple bumper stickers, varying paint schemes, and even different rims! But what about the body of the vehicle itself?

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One car, or should we say car-t, has made itself known in the state where everything is bigger.

Are We Shopping Or Driving In San Antonio?

So picture this: It's a Saturday afternoon. You've got a few errands to do, and you've got to hop onto the freeway to get to your destination. So you begin your trek, you're driving down the road, and suddenly you spy this right on the roadway next to you:

The eyes do not deceive, that is indeed a very large shopping cart on the Texas roadway. Our main question is this: what is it used for? Transporting materials is our best guess honestly.

It's either that or just for promotional use right? What do you think? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat on our FREE station app! 

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