So, it being Sunday and all, what's the craziest thing you've heard today?  If you think it was "Luke 22-19", wait, you haven't heard this.  Satanist in Mississippi performed a ritual in a graveyard to turn a woman's ghost gay.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  Wait, maybe there is.  It was the grave of the mother of the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, Fred Phelps Jr.

The guy in the horns is Lucien Greaves, and he's been charged with desecration of a grave in Lauderdale County, Mississippi.

Police Capt. Dean Harper  told HuffPost that Greaves would be arrested if he returned to Lauderdale County. There is no jail time associated with the charge and the fine would be less than $500 dollars, but Harper said that is beside the point. He said "He broke the law".

Truth be told, a lot of people break the law in Meridian Mississippi.

For those of you who don't know, Meridian Mississippi is a very dangerous place to live. That's according to Neighborhood Scout, a website owned by a research and data-mining company that collects crime statistics from around the country. Based on a crime index of 0 to 100—100 is great and 0 being the nations colon. Meridian gets a 4.  Need a comparison stick?  Brooklyn New York comes in at a 40.  And Detroit, who needs Robo-Cop to be real, comes in at a 2.

Are they short staffed on Police?  Nope.  The Mississippi average is 2 cops per 1000 people.  In Meridian, its 2.37 cops per 1000 people, for a town of 41,000.  Why such a high crime rate?  Maybe because the police department is trying hard to arrest people for taking pictures at a grave sight.  Really?  I know these "Satanists" are from New York. (Damn Yankees) But there's no rape, murder, or robbery case you guys could be looking into?  How about a jaywalking incident?

Westboro Church did release a statement.  If you care. NSFCS Warning. (Not Safe for Common Sense)

O.K.  What we have here is failure to break the stereotypes.  People think everyone from the Northeast are Liberals, or Satanist (Potato, Potato), and everyone from the deep south is stupid.  It hurts me to think about it.  Since I'm Irish, Norwegian, German, I'm going home to rape, pillage, conquer, drink, and eat something out of the intestines of something pork. Have a great day.  Good-night and good luck.