Scotty McCreery aka that college sophomore who "moonlights" as a country star, brought his new song 'Now' to 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno' last night (Oct. 25), proving there is no time like the present to enjoy a country jam.

The song is a rowdy rocker that fits McCreery's voice like a glove and it was the perfect way to end a long work week. A Friday night dose of McCreery, who is no stranger to late night TV performances, having racked them up during his post-'American Idol' run and career, and his upbeat, extremely fun track was beyond welcome.

If you missed it because you were doing something else or were out tossing one back, don't stress. You can watch it here and, well, 'Now.'

Even McCreery himself, dressed in his familiar uniform of jeans and a flannel shirt, couldn't stop himself from rocking out while performing the song. It's that infectious. It gets inside your bones and causes adrenaline to course through your veins.

McCreery threw down from start to finish. That kid has quite the life and is quite a hard worker. He hits the books by day and tours and plays on late night, national TV shows on weekends.

McCreery's sophomore set 'See You Tonight' is out now.