The American Idol winner opens up about his personal life in a recent candid interview.

photo via Jason Merritt/Getty Images


f you were hoping to see country star Scotty McCreery twerk on stage any time soon, don't hold your breath. In a recent interview with FOX 411, McCreery stated, "I don't want to put anyone down, but you won't see any twerking from me," no doubt referencing the infamous behavior from fellow young stars like Miley Cyrus.

In fact, McCreery credits country music fans for allowing him to express his faith through his music, something that might not be as acceptable in other genres. "I'm not ashamed, but I know that everyone doesn't agree with me. I think especially in the country music world, if there's anyone that's going to accept it, it'll be them."  

Since his rise to fame, McCreery has been publicly involved in various religious organizations. For example, he served as the spokesperson for Operation Christmas Child, a Christian organization that sends shoe boxes filled with toys and Bibles to children all over the world.

Although McCreery is gearing up for a cross country tour, he says 'rock and roll temptations' aren't an issue, thanks to his close knit group of friends who keep him grounded. McCreery states that expressing his beliefs has made him susceptible to backlash from time to time, but he states he never worries about being himself, especially when it comes to his beliefs.

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