At 19 years old, rising singer Scotty McCreery isn't really thinking about fatherhood yet -- but when he has kids, he has the perfect example right in front of him: his own dad. 

McCreery recently opened to to the Examiner to talk about the huge inspiration his dad has played in his own life. In fact, he shares that he wants to emulate his father's actions to his own kids one day, saying, "Love my daddy, love my father, and I just hope that one day I can be half the dad he was to me.”

“My father has been incredible to me my whole life," McCreery says, adding, "I remember going to the baseball field when I was five years old and he played ball in college, so he was always trying to teach me the mechanics, but more so than that, he was teaching me the life lessons growing up."

The soon-to-be North Carolina State University sophomore has clearly taken everything his dad taught him to heart. "Those are the things you learn on the field -- becoming a man out there," he says with his father in mind. "So, he’s always had my back and he’s always teaching me those values and those morals that are important to a young kid and also a growing young adult."

McCreery not only has a huge amount of talent, but also a solid head on his shoulders. In fact, his fast-rising fame hasn't seemed to change his values, as he's incredibly focused and grounded -- which is often difficult to maintain among the glare of camera lights and frenzied fans. It sounds like all the life lessons his dad taught him remain true for the 'Clear as Day' singer today.

The young singer's father should be terrifically proud of his son, as he's coming out with a sophomore album and making headway in the difficult world of entertainment. And, when McCreery ventures into fatherhood, he'll have the best example to follow -- and big shoes to fill.