It's always a learning process when a morning show is put together and tries to get to know each other, respect each other and, hopefully, enjoy each other's company.  It's made a lot tougher when you hit your new morning show partner's car in the parking lot a week before the show starts.

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That's exactly what happened to me two weeks ago, and thankfully Dani has allowed me to find a deal to get the damage fixed without my insurance getting involved.  I was just backing out of a spot, cut the wheel without looking right and SMASH!  The damage was done.  I know how some folks can be when it comes to their car, but luckily Dani didn't flip her lid (like I probably would have).

I think I've gotten lucky coming across this auction item from  Maaco is a trusted name, and the work done by Maaco graces one of our radio station vehicles.  You can save big bucks with this auction going on through Friday, which means that nightmare of a vehicle can once again become that sparkling dream you had so many years ago.