What's the secret to a Happy Life? A Happy Wife, of course.

If you had forgotten that Wife Appreciation Day is the third Saturday in September you still have most of the day to do something special with your spouse. The reason behind the observance of this day is to remind spouses to spend time showing appreciation to one another.

Gifts of flowers, jewelry, a spa trip for a foot massage, or tickets to a show and a dinner at a nice restaurant are all great ways to show your wife that you appreciate her. Wife Appreciation Day is another chance for husbands to thank their wives who may not have children and choose not to celebrate on Mother's Day.

Get on social media today with the hashtag #wifeappreciationday and tell folks how lucky you are to have a special partner to share your life with. Then give her the day off and get busy getting the chores around the house done while she enjoys the Cowboys game. (You can watch them next week. Today is for her). Also, enjoy these wife appreciation bloopers below.

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