Rowlett, Texas residents Shane Pruitt and his family made ABC World News after sharing an awesome 'birth announcement' on facebook and twitter on July 27th.

It's the third time the family has adopted a child. Their two daughters Harper and Raygen have two adopted brothers named Titus and Elliot. Now they have a new baby sister. What makes the video so special (besides the awesome task of adopting a child) is the reaction Harper and Raygen.

Mom and Dad did not want to be specific about when their new baby girl would be coming home in case something fell through. They didn't tell their daughters what they would be coming home with that day. It's all captured on the video above. It's the sweetest reaction imaginable.

Shane Pruitt is a Lorena graduate. He said that his family feels humbled and excited to be a family of seven. Pruitt works as the director of missions at the Southern Baptists of Texas convention.

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