They are one Texas' most dynamic and most must-see live bands. For many Texas and Red Dirt fans Shane Smith and the Saints have been the band in waiting. Just out there grinding, waiting for that landslide moment, a tipping point, that launches them to the stratosphere.

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The guys got a taste of that last November when they were featured on the hit television show Yellowstone. And if you missed it, it appears they may have an even more prominent role on Season 5 of the show (click here for more on that). Additionally they've spent a lot of time this year on the road supporting Whiskey Myers -- a strategic move that will likely pay off massive dividends.

Shane Smith and the Saints received their first taste of radio success in the early '10s, with hits including "Dance the Night Away," and "Feather in The Wind." From there they have established themselves as one of the scene's best and most respected bands.

In the summer of 2019 Shane and the boys released their epic, Hail Mary, in parts, featuring the smash, "Heaven Knows."

Today they are back with more new music, their second release of the 2022, "Fire In The Ocean." Check it out:

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