I went back to High School for Free Lunch Friday!  Some very special  administrators at Killeen's Shoemaker High were treated to lunch from Schlotzsky's on Friday.  They didn't have to do anything but eat.  I brought the sandwiches with all the fixins, plus drinks, dessert,  even the plates and cups.

Thanks to Sherry Stephens, her office won!   I discovered Sherry (in the purple) and I used to go to Killeen High at the same time, way back when. Yes, we were Kangaroos.  Sherry was a year older so we didn't know each other, plus we had around 3 thousand kids at that school.  I was kinda shy back then anyway. (It's true!).

Anyway, Sherry got the entries in and won the Big Prize.  Congratulations Grey Wolves.

Now we aren't done yet, more Schlotzsky's winners are coming, your office could be next. Get your entries in today.  I might be coming to see you next week.   Good Luck!