Went to dinner the other night and had a thought.  Should food have eyes?  I am trying to venture out and try new things in life right now so when we went to a Chinese food buffet the other day I saw a stuffed crab looking contraption that was called 'special crab' and thought to myself, "Self, you need to try this."

After a few bites of the mildly good tasting crab stuffing that was baked in the shell I turned the shell over to look at the bottom side and was alarmed to find out that Mr. Crab who had so generously given his life for me to try something new still had eyes.  I'm in no means a vegetarian or *gag* vegan, but it was quite alarming to see that my food still had eyes.

Rowdy Original - B106

This poses the question... Do you think food should have eyes in it after it has been prepared for consumption?