Tilted Kilt Girls, NFL Trivia, Great Food & Cold Drinks! We can't think of a better way to spend Wednesday evenings! Countdown to Kickoff Week 2 was a blast in Killeen! Shout out to our week 2 winners team Mindy & Chris! Thanks to all the folks who came out to Tilted Kilt for the fun! Only 8 more weeks till the NFL season starts, and we'll be counting them down with free food, cold beer, and fun with the Tilted Kilt girls! Did we mention prizes? Week 2 saw a handful of Six Flags tickets being passed out to our winners, and even if you don't win the trivia, there's a shot at redemption with a round of bags before the night is out.

Want to register to join us for trivia next Wednesday the 20th? You can do that right now while there's still room by clicking on the contest button below!

Coming up at Tilted Kilt of Killeen don't miss Car night on July 21st! Catch the sweet wheels that the Camero and Corvette clubs will have on hand, the Miller Lite girls will be in the house, and it's all thanks to O'Rileys Auto and Rent-A-Tire. Plus, 20% off all food on the Tilted Kilt menu!