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10-Year-Old Girl Contracts Brain Eating Amoeba
After swimming in the Brazos River during the labor day weekend, Lily Avant contracted a rare and deadly brain-eating amoeba. If Lily survives she will be the 5th person to make it through this deadly disease. For updates on Lily you can visit the Facebook page, #LilyStrong.
Facebook May Know the Last Time You Had Sex
I’ve always believed that Mark Zuckerberg had issues. I mean, the guy started Facebook as a way to get back at his ex-girlfriend after she dumped him. In the years that followed, Facebook was called out for scandals involving misinformation, fake accounts and breaches of trust.
Now, it appea…
EPA Phasing Out Animal Testing
Great news for animal lovers today as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announces it is phasing out animal testing on mammals. According to an agency press release, the plan is a 30% reduction in the number of studies that require the use of mammals by 2025, and to end these types of studies …