Did you miss the Silo of Screams haunted attraction this year? Maybe you'd like a repeat of the terror.

The ghoulish crew at Silo of Screams have announced that they will be opening the gates of Central Texas' most terrifying experience for one more Saturday night.

Mixed Mayhem

Mixed Up Mayhem happens Saturday night starting at 8 PM. $27 gets you all three haunts: The Incinerator, The Funhouse, and Her Wicked Way.

It may be post-Halloween, but that doesn't mean the terror rests. Clowns are taking over The Incinerator, while the Incinerator crew will be hunting the clowns left behind in the Funhouse. It will be snowing in Her Wicked way. What does all that mean?

Find out this Saturday night starting at 8 PM if you've got the guts, and remember, they stay open until the last soul is devoured.

Silo Of Screams is located at 1511 Industrial Blvd, Temple, TX. All souls must wear a ppe mask.

If you've never been to Silo of Screams, prepare to have the living daylight scared out of you. They put a great deal of hard work into every detail, and have been voted a must-see haunt by fans multiple times. This is no carnival ride, so be prepared to be scared!

You can get your tickets online here.

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