Some musicians have big hearts.

Singer Florence Welch of British act Florence & The Machine stopped in at an Austin Hospice to entertain a 15-year old fan last Friday.

She brought along her fellow band member Robert Ackroyd to play guitar.

I don't think I have to tell you about why this event was special. We all know why hospice exists.


Words escape me right now. Here's the full video.

Let's give Austin Hospice some love for what they do. From their website:

"As the first hospice in Central Texas, Hospice Austin was established more than 30 years ago by a group of doctors and concerned citizens for the sole purpose of serving families. Since then, we have provided end-of-life care to any person who needs us, regardless of the complexity of the illness, cost of care or a patient’s ability to pay.

"Hospice Austin is a nonprofit hospice. That means our resources are not used to benefit shareholders but instead go back into services that benefit you and your family. It allows us to fulfill our mission of providing you with the very highest standards of care."

More information online at The people who work in Hospice are amazingly special. When they arrange gestures like this, you can see why.