I can’t believe it!  Some people think U.S. long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad cheated.   She held a press conference defending her record-breaking, 110-mile swim from Cuba to southern Florida, saying it was all legit.

Remember when she stumbled onto shore, that woman was tired!

It took Diana Nyad 53 hours to become the first person to complete the crossing without a shark cage. It  was her fifth and final try.

It never even crossed my mind that the 64 year old cheated, but in this day and age I guess the skeptics will be out there.   With social media the way it is, the doubts spread fast.

Some have questioned how Nyad was able to more than double her pace about halfway to Florida, and have wondered whether she was towed at any points by tracking boats.

Nyad's started swimming really fast  about halfway through the swim.  increasing her average 1.5 miles per hour to nearly four miles per hour - that pace continued for about six hours.  Nyad and her supporters have said that she got a boost from a favorable Gulf stream current - independent experts who study the ocean currents in the region agreed with that.

I sure hope Diana Nyad  did it all on her own,  like she was supposed to.  I mean there were lots of support people out there in the ocean , they can't all be liars. Can They?