NBC's live presentation of 'The Sound of Music' was one of the stranger and, depending on who you talk to, more disastrous television events of 2013, so it's only natural that 'SNL' went after it in last night's cold open. But this wasn't just an excuse to make fun of their parent network's weird programming decisions -- it was an opportunity to bring back one of the show's most beloved performers and characters.

Yes, this is the 'Sound of Music' featuring Kristen Wiig's hideously (and hilariously) deformed Dooneese, the tiny-handed, frequently horrifying social reject who used to pop up with satisfying regularity back when Wiig was a main cast member. Like most of the 'Anchorman 2' cast, Wiig showed up in some capacity in last night's episode, making it one of the most star-studded shows in recent memory.

Anyone who knows 'The Sound of Music' knows the set-up: Singing nun. Authoritarian father. Kids who just want to have fun. And, uh, Nazis. The only thing missing from this already strange combination is Dooneese, who sings about fish swimming up her skirt and generally makes life unpleasant for everyone around her.

The best part is that Wiig isn't the only 'SNL' alum making an appearance. Fred Armisen also shows up in a surprise cameo to make you miss the old cast even more.