The "virtual classroom" is a bust, and the numbers in Texas back it up.

We've had to adjust our lifestyles dramatically since mid-March, when the pandemic started and along the way, some of those adjustments have actually worked out well. But not all, including how school kids are getting their education.

According to a report from the Texas Tribune, public school superintendents across the state of Texas are reporting virtual instruction is not working.

The numbers are showing more kids failing at least one class this year as compared to last year. On top of that, students are turning in assignments late and just skipping virtual class all together. The effort is minimal for a lot of kids parents are having a hard time taking on the role of at-home teacher.

The numbers reported are more than 3 million school kids, of the 5.5 million in the state of Texas, have optioned for the virtual classroom.

For example, The Texas Tribune report's that they've obtained an email that went out from Austin ISD's Gorzycki Middle School that alerted staff that almost 25% of students were failing at least one class including 200 students failing more than one class. Several reasons were attributed to the failing scores including lack of devices and wi-fi.

Whatever the reasons, it's time to get kids back in school. According to Headspace, face-to-face learning gives kids more time to concentrate on the lesson with less distractions and the completion rate of teacher-led classes is almost 5x higher than that of online learning.

The numbers speak for themselves.

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