Most of us know that dogs have super senses that are much more keen than our own, but just how accurate are these senses?

I'm the proud owner of mini dachshund named Sonny, who is currently 2 years old. My pup is a very faithful companion, and I would trust him with my life if it ever came to it. Last night was an ordinary evening for Sonny and I, until 3 AM when he awoke me from a peaceful slumber.

Sonny is usually the best snuggler and always sleeps through the night, but yesterday was different. I was awakened by 20 pounds of pure dachshund jumping right into my lap. Being that Sonny and I have only each other, I typically leave a lamp on in my room in case I ever need to be alert quickly.

I expected Sonny to bark or growl if something was wrong, but he was quiet. For reference, Sonny will bark at grasshopper's sneeze. That's an exaggeration, but you get the point. Again though, Sonny was perfectly quiet, but his gaze was laser focused.

I followed Sonny's gaze and it seemed as though something had to be pacing in front of my bed. Sonny watched intensely as whatever it was moved back and forth again and again. I couldn't see or sense anything out of the ordinary, and Sonny's lack of vocals made me feel like whatever it was, it wasn't dangerous. I settled back in, but I'm still curious to know what Sonny saw that I didn't.

So, can dogs see ghosts? After a long Google search, it seems the answer can't be scientifically verified.

Animal Planet reached out to pet psychologist Marti Miller for her thoughts on the matter. "The simple answer is, we don't know that dogs see ghosts or spirits," Miller said. But she adds, "If you observe a dog standing in the corner, barking at nothing visible, then there's a pretty good chance that he's barking at an entity, spirit, or energy that doesn't belong there."

What do you believe? Has your pup ever alerted you to something you couldn't see?

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