Post cereal apparently thinks breakfast could be more sour and sweet. I know I would rather skip breakfast then try this but my nieces and nephews would probably first in line for a taste test.

At least all the kids who wake up on Christmas morning and didn't get the gifts they wanted can look forward to December 26th. That's the day Walmart will be the exclusive retailer of Sour Patch Kids Cereal. You'll find it make its way to additional stores beginning in June of 2019 (if they are still making this by then).

For about $4 bucks a box you'll be able to try Sour Patch Kids Cereal according to Parents everywhere are already dreading the grocery store meltdowns that are bound to happen when some kids see this item on the shelves. Perhaps watching what Sour Patch Kids are really made of will help kids choose a healthy (or real) breakfast. Let them see what happens when you boil up some real Sour Patch Kids below.

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