It made national news last year when it went up for sale and then it made national news again when the current owner of NFL's Los Angeles Rams purchased the 510-acre ranch.  The Waggoner Ranch had a price tag of $725 million dollars. Now the new owner is showing his true colors.

You know any person who can afford a ranch worth $725 million worships only one Unfortunately the person who bought the ranch was not a Texan. The Waggoner family had allowed people to lease part of the land. But new owner, and most hated man in St. Louis, Stan Kroenke, has sent residents non-renewal notices for their leases.

According to, that means hundreds of Texas residents, many elderly and on fixed incomes, will have to move from the land they've been leasing for decades.

The eviction notice, sent to residents, says that they must be off the land by January 31, 2017. Kroenke says he wants to return the land to it's original "natural" uninhabited landscape to support and improve the micro ecosystem.

Stan Kroenke owns the new Los Angeles Rams, along with the Everton soccer team in London, and oh by the way, is married to one of the Walton girls who own Walmart.

Piece of advice Kroenke, if you want to be a Texan, you should probably not rid Texans from your land.