Check out this video of the our latest furry guest to visit the US 105 studio!

I have to say, my favorite things about Thursdays is the visit we get from Walter and his furry friends from he Temple Animal Shelter. All the pets are adorable, but I really took a liking to today's guest, Staypuff the puppy! She was recently found roaming around a neighborhood with her mom and needs a good home!

Staypuff is a Shih tzu mix, and Walter says he thinks she may be house trained! She's the perfect cuddly puppy to snuggle up with, and if my apartment allowed pets, I would have taken her home today! Check out the video of the little cutie below! (Also, excuse my crazy hair, y'all. I don't do hairstyling at 4:45 am!)

*BTW, if you were wondering, I said "Benji" dog. Not the other dog word. lol