Stephen Wesley is releasing a high-spirited video for his new song. "All Night Long," and he's joined by a few famous friends.

Wesley's new clip features Mattie Breaux from Party Down South, which is the highest-rated show on CMT. Also joining in the festivities is Smash Mouth lead singer Steve Harwell, as well Wee Man from Jackass and several Playboy Playmates.

The fun begins on a yacht, where Wesley and friends are sailing out for a day trip. They wind up on a sparkling beach, where they proceed to drink and dance as he sings, "I wanna party where the sun never goes down / And girls are dancing with a drink in their hand."

Harwell — who is pursuing a career as a country singer — takes a vocal turn in the second verse, interspersed with more shots of girls in bikinis and an overall party vibe.

"When I first heard Stephen Wesley's track 'All Night Long' I knew I had to feature on it!" Harwell says. "Being able to participate in the video was an added bonus. Keep your eye on the top of the charts for this smash — it's comin' quick!"

The song's laid-back vibe will have country fans counting the days until they can blast it on the beach this summer, and the fun-filled video is just the antidote to the winter weather that's been pounding the entire country this week.

"I had so much fun making this video! Having Steve from Smash Mouth on the song is like a dream come true," Wesley says. "And thanks to Chris Cantillo at Cantillo Entertainment, we were able to bring in Mattie Breaux (who is an amazing woman) from CMT's Party Down South and hit a home run with it. The whole experience was just awesome!"

Take a look at the exclusive premiere above.