My sister is obsessed with Mac & Cheese, so much that when we see each other we always end up somewhere that is known for Mac & Cheese. SHe has the best Mac & Cheese spots mapped out before we visit a new town together. I am pretty sure someone like her, who is obsessed with Mac & Cheese had too much to drink one night and thought of the best idea (at the time). Mac & Cheese Candy Canes! I don't know about you but this gives me flashbacks to when I tried that Jelly Belly game Beanboozled.

Candy Favorites is proud of their Mac & Cheese Candy Canes, they took to their website to say

Mac & Cheese Candy Flavored Is there anything more comforting than macaroni and cheese? There is something about this savory flavor duo that cannot be beat. No matter where you are, if you sidle up to a bowl of mac and cheese, all will be right with the world. But, have you ever considered taking this cheesy carb affection into the world of candy?

If this convinces you then you can order the candy here. Please send us a review if you end up ordering these unique candy canes, we promise we won't have a grossed out face when reading your review!

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