It's like an old episode of Cheech and Chong or something! A group of teens allegedly looking for a safe place to smoke pot made a shocking discovery when they went inside an abandoned home in the city limits of Houston, Texas.

They wandered inside to light up and that is when they discovered a live tiger sitting inside a cage inside the house. Can you imagine how bad this could have turned out? I'm sure the tiger was probably hungry and probably could have easily finished off some teen munchies by itself.

KWTX and KHOU reported that the Animal Cruelty unit and Animal Shelter Volunteers arrived on the scene and quickly named the tiger "Tyson" after the scene from the movie "The Hangover."

Authorities said the tiger was held in the cage by a nylon strap and a screwdriver. Not exactly a padlock. Luckily nobody was hurt and the Tiger was transferred to an undisclosed animal sanctuary in Texas.

In the state of Texas, you are able to own a Tiger with a wild game permit. It is illegal however to have a tiger in Houston.

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