US 105 is pleased to once again be involved in Schoepf's BBQ Free Music Series to be held every Thursday night at Schoepf's BBQ in Belton.  For several years now Ronnie Schoepf has worked with various promoters to bring in some of the best live Texas & Red Dirt music available.  This year's series opens this Thursday night and features the crowd favorite Stoney Larue.


You never know what you're going to get at a Stoney Larue show, but you definitely know you're going to go away impressed... and staggering a bit for several days to come.  Stoney will bring his full band to Schoepf's for 2013, which amps up the excitement and energy even more than usual.  Much like NASCAR, the first event is the biggest event, and you don't want to have to hear your friends talk about the great time they had at Scheopf's for Stoney's show for the rest of the year.  BE THERE!!!

I had a chance earlier today to talk to Ronnie Schoepf, and he's no doubt pumped up for 2013's Series.  While the Texas Music Series at Schoepf's BBQ is never short on cold, adult beverages, it's also a place the entire family can come for an evening of great food, great music and great company.  Ronnie said about the Series, "3 month old babies all the way up to folks in their 80s can come enjoy the music, meet other families with their kids and hang out with friends".

Texas & Red Dirt country is unique in the prefabricated world of Nashville country, where songs are written by someone as a very personal moment in life, but sung by a stranger for a buck.  Texas & Red Dirt's music scene is filled with songwriters that also happen to sing.  Some songs written by Texas or Red Dirt artists may end up on a Nashville CD, but rarely will a musician on this Texas music "scene" put a song on an album that doesn't have a personal connection.  "The Texas Music Series is put together to allow people to come listen to Red Dirt/Texas country, which is more about real people and real lives", Ronnie Schoepf said about the music.  That's not to say you won't hear some fantastic cover songs.