A creature in Texas has become a major pain in the you know what as of late. According to KXAN, the pesky creature first made it's presence known in 2009. Since then, it's made it's throughout various parts of the state.

Currently at the time of writing, KXAN is reported Zebra Mussels are in 31 lakes in the Lone Star State with five more showing signs of infection. An alarming stat for many reasons, as the mussels themselves cause many issues with not only boats, but the area they reside in as well.

So it certainly is a problem that affects Texas as whole. But is there a way to combat the intruders. Yes, there is, and you can help stop the growth of them.

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Stopping The Growth Of Zebra Mussels In The Lone Star State

First, it is imperative to state Zebra Mussels have disappeared from one lake in Texas, and it happened to be right here in Central Texas. KXAN states that while they were found in Lake Waco in 2014, it took seven years to finally rid the lake of them, with the lake cleared in 2021.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, according to Brian Van Zee, their regional director, encourages Texans to clean, dry, and drain both boats and gear after using them in a lake. Removing items such as debris and plants also helps.

Boat owners are also encouraged to wait a week to allow everything to dry out, thus making it harder for the Zebra Mussel to survive. It's up to us Texans!

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