We hear an awful lot about stupid criminals doing stupid things... that's why they're criminals, after all.  Not too many days do we hear about the police being the boneheads.  Today is that day!!

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I know criminals jump for joy any time a cop is caught doing something illegal because they can say, "See!!  You did it!!"  What about when it's not breaking the law, but rather just a case of, "Oops, our bad".  Not "oops" like sending the SWAT team to the wrong house.  More like "oops, we've just wasted seven hours of our life we'll never get back".

Our story begins in 2010 with the murder of an alleged drug dealer.  James Sider was the man police believe helped orchestrate the killing, but they weren't able to bring him to justice as they didn't have a solid lead on his whereabouts.  Fast forward our story to this week, when NYC police received a tip that Sider was hiding out at his mom's place (maybe they should have been scoping out mom's place for the last two years).

Police arrived at mama's place, warrant in hand, only to be refused entrance.  I've seen enough episodes of COPS to know that if you refuse entry to a team of police with a warrant you better be prepared to do some new door shopping because that bad boy's coming down.  Apparently this is a kinder, gentler NYPD.  With mama bound to a wheelchair and underage children possibly in the house, they decided to wait.  And wait.  And wait.

For six hours the team of police, with a warrant at the ready, tried to convince mama to open the door.  Mama kept telling the nice officers that Baby James wasn't home.  Turns out she was right.  Only six short hours after the standoff began, police left with no James Sider.  And an unused warrant.  Turns out big mama wasn't just blowin' smoke.  She was being truthful (or police gave up six hours too early).  Back to the drawing board, boys!!  It's hard to believe, with investigative skills as keen as the NYPD, they can't seem to crack this case.


Now, for your enjoyment, I present one of the greatest criminal masterminds of the 20th century.  May it serve as a reminder that only stupid people do stupid things to get arrested.