Georgia girl Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland has made some major life changes in the past few months. She and husband Justin Miller welcomed their first child, son Magnus Hamilton, on Dec. 6, 2012. They also decided to move their nest from Atlanta to Nashville, purchasing a farm in the area!

Why did Nettles make the move from her home state to Music City? Well, for one thing, she wanted change. She likes Nashville because it's new... and because it's not Atlanta. No, that's not an insult hurled the A-T-L's way. She just lived in Atlanta for 17 years, and prefers the serenity of a smaller (yet just as culturally vibrant) city -- especially with a newborn that she is going to raise.

"Part of what is really attractive about Nashville right now is that it isn’t Atlanta, and I love Atlanta," Nettles told the New York Times. "There’s a bit of charm and a richness a city the size of Nashville allows for."

Nettles had been shuttling between New York and Nashville for a while, but she has since put down her family's roots in country music's official capitol.

The new mom is approaching motherhood with a sense of humor, having recently tweeted that moms should wear a T-shirt baring the phrase "Breastaurant," and how nipple cream is good for dry hands. She is obviously adjusting to the nursing process with a few laughs.