Sugarland's Kristian Bush can now add a new job title to his resume: video game character creator. Or ... something like that. The Grammy-winning singer joined forces with Big Blue Bubble, Inc. to create a new character for My Singing Monsters, the company's award-winning musical video game.

Bush's character is based on his real-life persona. The green, fedora-wearing, bearded monster is called Shugabush and looks a whole lot like the popular singer himself.

According to Country Music Tattle Tale, Bush was inspired by his 11-year-old son, who is a big fan of My Singing Monsters. Once Bush started playing the game, he tweeted to Big Blue Bubble, Inc. about how much he loves it. Creator Dave Kerr responded, and that launched the collaboration that turned Shugabush into My Singing Monsters' newest addition.

The Sugarland star even lent his expert mandolin playing and unmistakably beautiful vocals to the project. "This whole experience has been a blast," Bush says. “First of all, the music in My Singing Monsters is irresistible -- that’s what drew me to the game. And since I love to dream big via social media, I’m so glad that Dave Kerr and his team at My Singing Monsters dreamed back. I’ve always wanted to let my inner monster out … and I think I’m finally about to impress my son."

According to Kerr, Bush was a pleasure to work with, too. "Working with Kristian was an amazing experience! He was enthusiastic and upbeat throughout the process. I can’t wait for the public to see his groovy new monster," a statement reads. “Kristian’s sweet mandolin and unmistakable voice add great depth to the music in a way that only a true professional can."

Sugabush had his big debut on My Singing Monsters on July 29.