Simone Manuel has come back to Texas with 4 Olympic medals. And even though she has made the U.S. and her home state proud, her first mission back in Texas is to eat a Shipley Do-Nut, according to ABC Houston. Ladies and gents, that's a Texan to the core.

And Shipley's was eager to please the Olympic Champion.

Simone was greeted at the Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston early this morning by city leaders and excited fans. The 20-year-old swimmer won gold in the 100-meter freestyle and the 4X100-meter medley relay.

She also earned two silver medals for the women's 50-meter freestyle and 4x100-meter freestyle relay.

Hopefully she didn't lose her luggage since she admitted that two of the medals she won were inside socks in her baggage. It seems she only received two holders so far.

Manuel has been a dedicated fan of Shipley Do-Nuts for some time.

Proving once and for all...

You can have your donut and eat it too.


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