Seems like almost everybody has a side hustle these days as more and more households look for extra income. We've seen a few different stories this summer about area teachers doing extra work while on summer break. This includes Killeen Gateway High School English teacher Warren Grannis.

If you have been driving around Temple in recent days you may have spotted him selling ice-cold bottles of water for $1. Grannis is usually set up near the Temple Mall at 31st street and the H K Dodgen Loop.

Megan Vanselow and KWTX shared this photo of Grannis working his intersection of the loop and offering folks a cold drink on some very warm Texas afternoons.

Photo by Megan Vanselow KWTX NEWS 10

Grannis told News 10 he's got two kids of his own at home in High School band and a daughter who is headed off to college. He sells the water as a way to help pay for all the extra costs of being a parent. What is impressive is Grannis is taking home about $90 bucks a day selling bottled water. He says the biggest surprise is all the support from the folks in Temple who can relate to the need for extra income.

If you happen to see Grannis, be sure to wave or maybe even buy your self some cold H2O for the ride home.


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