Bell County’s first marathon in almost 40 years ran smoothly Sunday thanks to the hard work of race organizers and local law enforcement and emergency responders.

The 26.2 mile race was a real endurance test, beginning in Killeen at the Civic and Conference Center and ending at the Temple Bioscience Center.

The marathon, which was organized to benefit veterans and their families, was won with a time of 2 hours, 51 minutes and 28 seconds by Richard Shaw.

Army Marathon Finish Line | Army Marathon Facebook Page

Mr. Shaw’s accomplishment deserves kudos, but our praise goes to 19-year-old UMHB Sophomore Jessica Hardin. Ms. Hardin ran on behalf of Townsquare Media staff because…well, frankly, we’re all out-of-shape radio folk! She had a great time of just over 5 hours, which is pretty amazing considering this was her first marathon.

Jessica Hardin was generous enough to represent Townsquare Media at the 1st Annual Army Marathon. Thanks for sparing us all having to see James Harrison in running shorts, Jessica! All of Bell County is forever indebted to you! | Townsquare Media Images

Jessica, we salute you and everyone who participated in this awesome race for an awesome cause! And special thanks go to our good friend Ed Bandas, director and organizer of the 1st Annual Army Marathon. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this incredible event, and we’ll see you next year!