Sunny Sweeney has teamed up with Paul Cauthen for "A Song Can't Fix Everything," the lead single from her upcoming album Married Alone, due out Sept. 23 via Thirty Tigers.

Co-written by Sweeney and Lori McKenna, "A Song Can't Fix Everything" finds the two country talents searching for solace through song. Nostalgia can often bring comfort in times of transition, but those old memories aren't always enough to ease the pain of loss. Music may not solve all of Sweeney's problems, but she's ready to give her best show.

"I know a song can't fix everything / But, tonight sitting here with this drink," she sings, as Cauthen's soulful harmonies float in like a ghost from the past. "I'm gonna play it over and over / 'Til all the tears run dry / Gonna give it one hell of a try."

"It’s about just trying to find those three minutes of happiness you get relating to something and taking yourself out of your everyday life," Sweeney says of the track. "Letting yourself slip away, it can feel like it’s going to be ok, even if, ultimately, it may not be."

Listen to "A Song Can't Fix Everything" below:

Produced by Cauthen and the Texas Gentlemen's Beau Bedford, Married Alone finds Sweeney exploring the complicated emotions that emerge before, during and after a lengthy relationship comes to a close. It's not all tears and weepy pedal steel, though. Sweeney's lyrical honesty and wit brings a modern edge to that familiar classic country sound.

The record features 12 new tracks co-written with an all-star cast of country songwriters, including Kendell Marvel, Waylon Payne, Caitlyn Smith, Brennen Leigh and Heather Morgan. Vince Gill provides guest vocals on the album's aching title track, which taps into the pain of coming to terms with a marriage that's run its course.

Sweeney will hit the road in support of her upcoming record, with headlining shows scheduled across the U.S. through mid-August. You can find a full list of tour dates via her official website.

Sunny Sweeney, Married Alone Track List:
1. "Tie Me Up" (Sunny Sweeney/Buddy Owens/Galen Griffin)
2. "Easy as Hello" (Sunny Sweeney/Lori McKenna/Heather Morgan)
3. "Married Alone" ft. Vince Gill (Hannah Blaylock/Josh Morningstar/Autumn McEntire)
4. "Someday You’ll Call My Name" (Sunny Sweeney/Brennen Leigh)
5. "How’d I End Up Lonely Again" (Sunny Sweeney/Channing Wilson/Josh Morningstar)
6. "A Song Can’t Fix Everything" ft. Paul Cauthen (Sunny Sweeney/Lori McKenna)
7. "Want You to Miss Me" (Sunny Sweeney/Caitlyn Smith)
8. "Wasting One on You" (Sunny Sweeney/Buddy Owens/Monty Holmes)
9. "Fool Like Me" (Waylon Payne/Kendell Marvel)
10. "All I Don’t Need" (Sunny Sweeney/Lori McKenna)
11. "Leaving Is My Middle Name" (Sunny Sweeney/ Buddy Owens/Galen Griffin/Scotch Taylor)
12. "Still Here" (Sunny Sweeney/Lori McKenna)

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