This week we got a visit down at the radio station from American Legion Post 223 in Killeen! These soldiers have served their country overseas and now serve Killeen here at home.

Floyd Konkey (Sgt Major) and John Ullum (Commander) want you to know they are standing by to help our military and community at 208 S. Park Street in Killeen! Both men have served in the marine corps and the army and now serve Central Texas as board members of American Legion Post 223.

Both guys called up the radio station hoping we could help them get the word out that American Legion Post 223 is ready to assist with homeless veteran programs, financial assistance, and that they also are a great place to go to get involved with fun activities. They have a baseball and a shooting team, a group for ham radio enthusiasts, a youth cadet law enforcement program and tons more!

The American Legion has tons to offer the military and the community. Listen to Floyd and John talk about how the military changed their lives and how serving at the American Legion in Killeen has been a rewarding experience for them both! 223 is also looking to fill vacant board member positions so if their story sounds like something that could be good for you, please don't hesitate to contact them to serve.

This month Post 223 invites the public and the military out for a BBQ Cookoff on October 14th! The Post will host a meatloaf dinner on October 19th with live music afterward, and on October 26th they will host a Halloween Party and costume contest.

To find out more about the American Legion visit AmericanLegion.ORG. To reach Post 223 just call 254-634-8091. 

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